#DOCtober & Advocacy

Kerri Sparling is one of the first diabetes bloggers. Her blog is Six Until Me. Shortly after our son was diagnosed, I discovered her blog and quickly appreciated its humor, honesty, and heart.

November is diabetes awareness month, and many diabetes bloggers and advocates plan special media campaigns to generate awareness and fundraising for research. But before we get to November, there’s October.

Kerri has created #DOCtober, where the idea is to take a picture everyday and, “to see if I can find something diabetes-related to photograph for the month.  If I can, awesome.  If I can’t, that inability shows how diabetes can’t and shouldn’t always be front-and-center” (Sparling, “Photo Challenge: #DOCtober”).

So in the spirit of advocacy and awareness, here’s Semisweet’s first #DOCtober.

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Dinner of 52 #carbs by a mum & pumpkin #DOCtober #t1d

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Semisweet will participate in #DOCtober on its Facebook and Instagram page. Join us there as we document each day in October, some where diabetes is in the frame, and some where it isn’t.

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