Mighty Henry

Henry is mighty. Any person keeping a blood sugar between the lines is working overtime. Today, The Mighty shares a version of an earlier Semisweet blog, “I Got Scrapes, and This is Not a Scrape.” Check out Henry’s turn on The Mighty right here.

crushing some orange juice

crushing some orange juice

One thought on “Mighty Henry

  1. Thank you for sharing! I shared your most recent entry on fb and have received many likes and comments because, I think, it resonated with our family and friends. I just read each of your entries and we share many similarities. Our 4 (almost 5) YO son Nicholas was diagnosed almost 16 months ago (March 25, 2014) and neither my wife or I have T1D in our families (but Hashimoto’s is in the mix), and have our son “wired up” with a pod and dex. I am sure we are not the only ones (by any stretch of the imagination) that feel like you do when “explaining” the difference between T1 and type 2 and we hear, “oh, I’m sorry he’s got the sugar disease….”. Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS! and looking forward to reading more posts. Your posts help those of us who are not as talented bloggers share and spread awareness to people and put a “face” (Nicholas, Henry, etc.) to this disease that many people have no clue about (ourselves included before March 25, 2014). Keep up the great work! Time to go test and bolus Nicholas for breakfast!…. 🙂


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